GWP 47 - 750 kW
GWP 82 - 2000 kW
GWP 100 - 2500 kW
GWP 100 - 2500 kW
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Technical Specification
The FL 2500 2.5 MW system sets a new standard, it can be optimally adapted to all site conditions and wind zones. The hub height provides the bases for the economic development of inland and coastal regions. Of course, the FL 2500 meets the latest grid connection requirements and is therefore compatible with international power grids.
The unique drive unit concept with its large rotor bearing, the shaft coupling and the compact gearbox provides for even more safety and longer service life. This is also valid for the specially designed hub with its enclosed service area.
Intelligent Pitch System
The Pitch System of FL 2500 uses an intelligent control method to reduce the typical peak load-producing windward-tipping of the tower head that occurs during quick, positive blade adjustment processes. The process also reduces the stress produced during braking procedures and during reaction of gusts.
Safety System
The FL2500 offers a new type of safety system. For the first time the safety concept was designed on the basis of a risk analysis and speed limit relays, overload protection, switched wiring, pitch system and operational defects, transformer and fire protection.
Condition Monitoring System
The FL 2500 is equipped with a sophisticated Condition Monitoring System. The acceleration values of the components are recorded and evaluated by means of broadband audible sensors on the rotor beraring, gearbox and generator. This provides comprehensive system monitoring.
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