We recognize, that in order to remain competitive and ensure our customer loyalty, we must add value to our standard contracts. We achieve this across a wide range of areas. For example,
  • We offer a complete turnkey solution for projects starting from logistics, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • We provide full service contracts which provide complete value to our customers.
  • Our network of site offices across the world and established network of reliable, experienced service partners provides prompt response and efficient service.
  • Our O&M has strong capable work force which brings a broad range of skills and experience to the jobs.
  • We stock spares at strategic locations to service the needs of the customers ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Efficient task organization and well planned routines of preventive maintenance ensures minimum servicing downtime.
Our bouquet of specialized services include -
Logistics from factory to site:
  • Transportation of all required parts from Factory to the site wherever in the World
Installation at sites:
Our team of experience engineers will do the following -
  • Tower Assembly & Erection
  • Nacelle Erection
  • Rotor Assembly & Erection
  • Commissioning
  • Start up
Operation Maintenance Contract:
  • Continuous surveillance of machine operations.
  • Quality checks on wind turbines by technical audit team.
  • Timely execution of plant maintenance.
  • Implementations of preventive measures to stop break downs on account of identified failures and engineering modifications.
  • Quick response in the event of machine stoppages to restore the machine for normal operation.
  • Analysis of machine stoppages for corrective actions.
  • Maintenance of adequate spares for ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Clarification of customer query with regard to performance.
  • Comprehensive all inclusive fixed cost O&M contracts.
  • Customer relationship management.